Dubai to Al Ain City Tour


About 8 Hours
Small Group Tour (Max 12 Pax)
Everyday Except Monday 

Dubai to Al Ain, Enjoy the wonderful Al Ain Oasis City Tour from Dubai, the biggest Oasis in the UAE. Visit Al Ain National Museum, Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum and the camel race track before heading to Jebel Hafeet to see the Hot Springs situated at the foot of this mountain.

hotel pick up drive to Alain city which  once a desert oasis. With archeological ruins and digs dating as far back as 5,000 years, . The trip includes visits to Al Ain Palace Museum, the old fortress that gives you information about the royal family’s way of life as well as Al Ain National Museum. continue to see camels god gift to the Bedouins , . visit to Jahili Fort to view an extensive photography collection of famous explorer Wilfred Thesiger, back to Dubai.